Camarads Review

Camarads is a voyeurs style site with a set of cams installed in a house where models perform a mix of mundane daily activities with sex. It is pretty similar in its content and design to all other voyeur cam sites like shemalecom out there, and it doesn’t present any distinguishable feature, except for HD quality cameras for premium members.
Most of the models are from Eastern Europe, so it’ll be very unlikely to find performers speaking English, which is quite a big downside. At the present, the site features around 15 performers and 5 different locations, but that varies according to the day or time you’re watching. Prices are also fairly standard, with a monthly membership starting at $29.90 and higher-tier options if you want to have the ability to replay past videos. Models on Camarads are more on the amateur side as on asians247 camcamsoda giving a bit more authenticity – but still pretty easy to see how staged everything is.
Camarads Girls​
Camarads features ten young couples’ apartments. All couples are Eastern European with limited or no English knowledge, so do not expect to understand any conversation if you are an English speaker.
Pros & Cons​
Our Final Verdict
If you fantasized about spying on doing their day to day life and having a lot of sex, Camarads might be of interest to you.