20 Fascinating Facts About Red Light District Amsterdam

  • on the 22 of october, 2020
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20 stuff you need to hear about amsterdam’s red light zone

you run the risk of a poor encounter if you go to amsterdam without doing any analysis. or you might skip the best of the city’s stunning highlights. This overview offers the solution! 20 important information that you really need to hear about the the red light borough of amsterdam. Some basic information about ‘De Wallen’ you want to know about.

1 | Amsterdam Has 3 Red Light District Area’s

the amsterdam red light city

the popular amsterdam red light district.

first of all, in amsterdam, there are three places for prostitution. The largest and most famous is ‘De Wallen‘ – also known as Red Light District Amsterdam. on the ruysdaelskade, another place is situated where there are around 40 window hey. brothels. around singel and spuistraat, the third place with brothels with glass is situated. this room has around 40 windows as well.

2 | de wallen the window brothels has 288

stairs in the red light district of amsterdam

most of the red light district gate.

wallen, de wallen is the netherlands’ largest and oldest prostitution location. there are actually 288 windows here, spread through 17 alleys and avenues. since amsterdam was established, prostitution has been taking place here. relatively fresh is the notion of window brothels. it dates from the 1940s.

3 | the amsterdam red light district has around 375 prostitutes

red light district

it is estimated that about 375 sex workers are working in this city, knowing that this neighborhood has 288 window brothels that are rented out during the day and evening, but not all at once.

4 | the cost of renting a window is between eur 80 and 180

de wallen

prostitutes pay rent to window brothel owners in the red light district of amsterdam. eur 80 to 100 during the day and eur 150 to 180 during the night. this is a fixed amount that must be paid in advance by sex workers after they have sent all their paperwork to the provider. window workers are traders who are autonomous and can demand their own costs. they may not have to pay rates to the owners of the window brothels.

5 | At least 50 euros for sex workers

About trompettersteeg

Amsterdam’s narrowest alley.

in the red light zone, prostitutes normally demand a fee of eur 50 for 15/20 minutes. set rates do not apply. In front of the entrance to the window brothel, discussions with the customers take place. depending on the client’s service, time and friendliness, average rates range between 50 and 100 euros.

6 | it’s disgusting to take pictures of prostitution


in de wallen’s oudekerksplein.

in amsterdam, as elsewhere in the country, most sex workers lead a double life. Their peers and relatives are also unsure of what their occupation is. stigma, perceptions and/or guilt cause this. because of their separate lives, they do not like to be captured. photographing sex workers is not legally banned in the red light district of amsterdam, but it is considered very insensitive and rude. To counter this, sex workers also take their own steps. on the frames, for instance, there are stickers indicating that they do not wish to be shot. Sometimes the prostitutes open the door and throws someone’s phone on the floor when they take pictures.

7 | brothels window have protection

window brothels

all window brothels are well covered by protection systems in amsterdam and the rest of the country. on the inside, the window brothels have alarm keys. moreover, on the exterior of the window brothel, there are still cameras mounted that are supervised by operators. a loud warning plays as a sex worker clicks the emergency button. then the residents on the street were shocked. the brothel keeper and the police are both the target of an warning. one of the reasons why so many (foreign) sex workers want to work here is good security.

8 | prostitutes may deny clients

women and the community in amsterdam

clients in amsterdam are routinely insulted at the window by prostitutes. there is no requirement or desire for sex workers to welcome all customers. they are their own managers, after all.

9 | there are 50 cameras for the police

amsterdam's finest red light district

in the amsterdam audio tours app, a local red light district amsterdam agent said that there are 50 police cameras in this area. the police track those cameras 24/7, making the neighborhood secure.

10| it is illegal to drink alcohol on the street

the red light field in amsterdam

It’s not allowed to drink alcohol on the streets.

drinking alcohol in de wallen has been legally banned for many years. there is a fine of 95 euros for a breach, which must be paid immediately. Area enforcers are closely tracking this. this ban is also pointed out by the anti-alcohol signage on the bridges.

11 | smoking cannabis is legal outdoors

amsterdam street red light station

_ rolling a joint whilst lying on the canal of the achterburgwal oudezijds._

there is no (local) rule that states it is not lawful in de wallen to smoke outside. there are no signage suggesting a ban on public cannabis use, unlike the anti-alcohol signs in the city. a visit to amsterdam’s red light district reveals that people are smoking marijuana or hash on the street.

12 | more than 4,000 here live residents

amsterdam sex show

there are people living here from all parts of society.

amsterdam’s red light district has 4,295 inhabitants (source). Here live people of all races. young people, elderly people, poor and wealthy people. Many live above a porn show, by a brothel entrance, or are neighbours of a coffee shop. there is also a daycare facility adjacent to the window brothels in the middle of the red light district of amsterdam.

13 | red light area there are 14 coffee shops in amsterdam

the bulldog coffeeshop

one of the 14 coffee-shops in amsterdam’s red light district.

there are 164 coffeeshops in the dutch capital, 14 of which can be located in this area. the bulldog, voyager, jolly joker, het gelderse and rusland are other infamous ones.

14 | Many highways are clean of vehicles

chinatown in amsterdam

zeedijk street is still open for cars!

You won’t find many cars in the Red Light District Amsterdam. for many years, the city authority has made this area car-free. Only residents and distribution workers are able to enter the major streets in the city, such as warmoesstraat. owing to the limited available spaces, driving on the street is very challenging.

15 | the amsterdam red light district is still open

amsterdam wallen

The Oudezijds Voorburgwal.

as this is also a residential area, 24 hours a day, de wallen is open to everyone. During the holidays as well! of addition, for coffeeshops, window brothels, sex shows, bars, pubs, etc., there are closing hours. glass brothels have the most versatility. Around 6 and 8 in the morning, they just need to be locked.

16| easiest way to see the district of red light

oudezijds voorburgwal

visit the place during the day and during the night!

The very best way to experience the Red Light District is by foot because there are many narrow alleys and there’s lots to see. taking a guided tour is recommended. this way, you will learn more about amsterdam’s oldest neighborhood. downloading the amsterdam audio tours app is one alternative. in the red light area, this app features an audio tour with a virtual guide, tales from 22 experts, photographs and a gps tracker.

17 | transgender sex workers show blue walls

a red light area in amsterdam with blue glass

It’s not only women who work here.

there are also three streets where transgender women work in the red light district of amsterdam. instead of red lights, they also use blue lights.

18 | police officers secretly patrol the streets

stable red light district of amsterdam

with the warmoesstraat.

in addition to the obvious street police officers, there are also undercover agents working in the amsterdam red light zone. they concentrate mostly on pickpockets and street sellers. the red light district is secure, but there are still bad guys out there, just like every other city.

Tip: in your house, drop your valuables and disregard street sellers.

19 | social regulation provides a lot of stability

oude kerk red light district in amsterdam

the red light district is healthy too!

Many people don’t realise this, but one of the most important aspects that makes this neighbourhood so safe is social control. the many people who are walking the streets, the business residents, the traders, the workers. together, because there is a lot of crime, they make this a healthy area. in the center of the city, the mixed solidarity of organisations, homes and strong mobility provide protection by social regulation. If something terrible happened at a window brothel, for instance, everybody will see it. a obstacle to violating rules and laws is created by this social order. Social order provides a deterrent to violating rules and regulations in the red light district of amsterdam.

20 | staff with windows must be at least 21 years old

amsterdam street red light station

Amsterdam’s oldest canal.

while other sex workers, such as escorts, are permitted to begin this job at the age of 18, there is a minimum age of 21 years in the red light district of amsterdam. the id must be seen each time a window prostitute goes for rent from a window brothel operator.

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registration for luckycrush

registration at luckycrush

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