While the term may be outdated, or even offensive to some, is still one of the go-to platforms for those looking to watch, chat, and interact with transsexual cam models. The number of performers online seems to have shrunk over the last few years, perhaps because most cam sites like Camarads are now more open to featuring trans models, but it does provide a decent variety of girls for those who want to go directly to the source.

As mentioned, is one of those sites created specifically for individuals that are interested in chatting and even watching transsexual models do what they know how to do best — perform. On this platform, dozens of models offer private chat options and some of the time, free chats.

In an attempt to offer models an opportunity to tell their stories, a rare opportunity in the cam industry, integrates a blog and magazine column. Some of these blogs contain information about the safest spots to meet models in and out of the country. User-friendly, users can seamlessly access all of the pages on the website in a few clicks.

If you’re looking for a platform with a large number of models, may not exactly be the best one for you as there are not many models. However, there are still quite a number of them you can interact with on this advanced webcam platform. With some of the most beautiful hostesses and models you’d find on a shemale website, this platform integrates a text messenger feature in various chat rooms. Additionally, users can pay for private sessions where they get unlimited and uncensored access to exclusive content.

To access these private rooms, users are required to buy Credits which are mostly about £1. Bear in mind that prices vary from one model to another.

The Live Chat feature, according to the team behind this platform, offers users the opportunity to watch some of the most exclusive adult content there is. Each of these sessions costs 3 Credits and grants you access to over an hour of adult content streaming.

Each time you visit a Live Chat room, offers you access to related videos from the model, ensuring that you get complete access to all of your favorite model’s content.

Whilst there are no search features on, a major flaw of this webcam site, you can add all of your favorite models in a list, enabling you to find them anytime you want. To keep the site transparent, there’s a Rating feature where users will have to upvote or downvote a model. The ratings of each model are displayed right next to their name for all on the site to see.

As mentioned earlier, there is a magazine column on this webcam site. This is a special feature that sets apart from all of the other platforms. Users get first-hand knowledge of the life of a transsexual cam model. Albeit a special feature of this site, one major problem is the negligence of the editors. Articles are not added as they should be. Depending on a couple of reasons, most of these articles are uploaded about once a month or so, making it a tad bit difficult for users to get more knowledge.

The blog section of is quite good. Tons of content will keep you engaged. First-time transsexual content lovers seeking to learn more about the life of these models will do well to read these blogs. Unlike the magazine column, blogs are updated regularly and some of the time, they have this personal appeal. Girls​

Even though the number of performers is quite limited, the ones who online know what their customers are looking for and will go out of their way to provide it. You can find a wide selection of body types, races, and nationalities. Shemale offers the option to take your favorite models to private shows, however, if you’re more into the group or spy shows, you’re better off somewhere else, as these are not available here.

Surprisingly, has a special “Local Spot” feature on its website. As the name implies, this feature provides users with well-researched information on some of the trans-friendly bars and clubs close to their location. Based on your city of residence, you can simply search for a location to see if the bars and clubs out there are friendly for trans people.

Pros & Cons​
Our Final Verdict seems to have been left behind since many platforms have welcomed trans performers, and they no longer feel the need to be on a niche site. Especially one with a somewhat outdated name.

However, the ones who did stay can put on one hell of a show and are some of the sexiest and friendliest cam models you’ll find.

Whilst there are not so many people as we’ve rightly mentioned in this review, there are, surprisingly, a ton of things to like about this webcam site; a trans community feature is probably one of the best things about The Local Spot, magazine, rating, and live chat facets are some of the other amazing properties of this site.

Getting started on this webcam site is pretty straightforward. Built primarily with users’ interest at heart, is incredibly easy to navigate; you can move around the website in just a few clicks.

Finally, access to affordable adult content featuring several beautiful models and hostesses puts slightly ahead of all of the others you’ve probably visited.


This is an adult webcam home to some of the most gorgeous transsexual models or performers. Whilst the name “shemale” is out of data, this cam site has managed to become one of the strongest points in that sector.

Users are required to buy Credits which are sold for €1.

  • Local spot feature
  • It is incredibly user-friendly
  • Offers a unique cam-to-cam experience, an unparalleled feature in the webcam industry

Getting started on this site is pretty easy. Visit the official site, create an account by inputting an email address and password. This takes less than 2 minutes.