DxLive Review​

DxLive is a top live webcam site featuring popular japanese cam girls. It may not be commonplace for US and European models, but it gathers millions of views every month from the Asian population. If doll-looking Asian girls are your thing, this is where you need to be. There are a lot of erotic experiences for you to try out here. Although this is a Japanese-based site, it supports and allows you to use the English version of the website. It provides subtitles for Japanese videos and closed captioning if the video is hard of hearing or you appreciate reading along.

DxLive has appealing designs, interface and it’s easy to navigate. The homepage usually shows a few stats like the number of models online and the total number of registered models. The interface displays thumbnails from several models, and there’s an indicator that informs you if the model has a remote toy for the vibrator or a microphone. There’s an indicator that tells how long a model has been on the website.

It’s an easy-to-understand interface, but is it going to be worth the price you pay to interact with models? That’s what this review will help you figure out. The rest of this article is what you should know about DxLive.

DxLive – Japanese sex cams site

The total number of models on this site is over 40,000, and at any point in time, there are 100 sex cam models online. You’ll find several amateur and professional cam girls to keep you entertained. If you’re familiar with Japan, the amateurs are referred to as kawaii (innocent) and the professionals as hentai (perverted sluts). The only problem is the time difference can be on the offside. It’s filled with typecasts of tight school uniforms and anime plus fully-figured japanese cam girls and some MILFs level. There’s a ton of diversity, and you’ll find a few Russian and South American chicks on here. Other than that, it’s Asian chicks all through.

Every window has a preview for models’ thumbnails where you can deduce a few things about them before exploring their profiles. You may want to check out many new models because they are usually very easy to interact with. They do not have a large following yet, so your message is more likely to be seen.

The only barrier with the cam girls is that some don’t speak English, and it may be hard for you to pick some details. The translation feature is not always correct, but you cannot let that stop you from watching some Asian fantasy. Private shows can still be fun with a Japanese model; the experience is great when you hear them talk and moan to your ears.

DxLive Features​

DxLive features include:

Interactive Sex Toys: Dx Live has a feature that gives you remote control of the model’s sex toy in private shows. You get to control the level of vibration from your computer. It sounds nice to be able to do so, but it will cost you plenty of points. To use this feature, click on “remote toy” from the chat mode. Then you control the speed of vibration from the displayed numbers.

Profile Preview: DxLive allows you to preview profiles of the Asian hotties on the site before you get to make your decision. When you preview a model’s profile, contents like photos posted by the models are accessible. Videos and nude contents are not accessible on a basic account. You’ll need to buy points to get those extra features that matter.

Search features: The search feature is not as advanced or detailed as you’ll find on some other websites. This is probably due to the low number of models and the denser population of Japanese chicks. There is not a lot of diversity to explore. So the search feature is a bit limited.

Peep Mode: Peep mode allows you to watch private shows that models are in for less money. This feature is great when you want to know if you’d like to spend more time with a certain model. It can be a way to discover several other models. Coupled with the roulette feature of the site that takes you to random shows, you can browse around really quickly to find something exciting for yourself.

Video Quality: The video quality is great. Most models have classic cameras that portray every detail and action they take at the best angle. The problem with the video quality is there are no HD cams. If that does not bother you so much, you’ll be fine with asking the model to zoom in when necessary or change the camera angle. You have control over what goes in private shows, so it’s nice that you both are turned on and under tense situations.

Nice Interface: A lot of people love the fact that you can tell a few things about a model the moment you see her. It acts like an update for new accounts, top accounts, most popular and gives away several other details you may need.


Signing up is pretty much like every other live webcam site, providing a username, password, and email address. You’ll have a free account as soon as your account is set up. You can see a lot without even opening an account, though. However, you’ll never get half the experience you’ll get on a paid account.

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Points is the currency for pricing on DxLive. To be able to do anything, you need to have some points on your account. It costs:

● $50.00 = 25 points

● $100.00 = 50 points

● $200.00 = 110 points (10 Extra )

● $300.00 = 170 points (30 Extra)

Once your account is funded, you can take a Japanese sexy thing to a private room. DxLive charges about 1.2 points when you’re in peeping mode and charges the same for chat mode. Once the chat is private, you attract an extra 1 point charge per minute, another 1 point charge for 2 Way Cam Chat, another 1 point charge for remote toys, and a 2 point charge per minute for double remote toys. If you are using many of these extra features, it will cost you a lot, but it should be worth the experience. The interesting thing about pricing on DxLive is price does not vary with models. It’s the same charge for everyone.

Pros & Cons​
Final Verdict

DxLive is what it is— a Japanese-based site, and the only reason you’ll be there is if you like to see some Asian chicks go crazy. You can have a great time watching Japanese girls stripping and masturbating, but you’ll eventually need more than one category of girls. The site’s tech could use some revamping, but regardless, you’ll get what you want out of the website.


DxLive allows members to get remote control over not just one sex toy but two if the models use two sex toys. The feature allows the vibration speed of the sex toy to be controlled from the member’s screen.

There is no special bonus when you sign up on DxLive. You’ll have to buy points to get access to some of the other features on the site.

There are up to 45,000 models on DxLive, but there are only a measly 100 models at any point in time. The time difference is also a factor in why you may not find many models online when you check.

Shows on DxLive cost a standard price of an average of $1.99 per minute, depending on what extra features you use. The price is standard across all models.

Most models on DxLive are Japanese chicks. You probably won’t have another reason to visit the website.