SkyPrivate Review​

SkyPrivate is a Skype live webcam show where you get to interact privately with a real girl. If you’re looking for a site to have private entertainment, SkyPrivate is where you should be meeting hot chicks and having a really great time. The kind of entertainment you get in a nightclub, with private mini-shows, is a form of real entertainment online, and SkyPrivate comes in handy; you don’t have to go to that party tonight.

This article reviews SkyPrivate as an entertaining website and what you are to gain. SkyPrivate, as the name already denotes, uses Skype as a form of communication. Without leaving your room, you can bring a sexy show inside with a laptop. There’s a lot to love about the sexy feel of the show and how aroused it will make you feel.

SkyPrivate Girls​

There are over thirty thousand sexy models on SkyPrivate, an endless list of hot models to pick. The website interface allows you to preview the available models. You can quickly glance through several profiles, and you’ll be confused on too many options. The profile page is nicely presented and allows you to view the girls’ information.

The camming session takes place on Skype after you’ve made a choice, and you’ll have the natural feeling of talking to a girl next door.

SkyPrivate Features​

SkyPrivate launched in 2013 as a Skype-based service that has gained massive popularity as a result of its extraordinary simple work system. It creates a world where all adult pleasures are no longer an imagination. It provides an unbelievable, highly tense sexual experience and great interaction with hot chicks that are ready to bring you to the climax of your desires. You’re either using SkyPrivate as a form of relaxation after a long day, or you want to have plenty of fun.

SkyPrivate features include:

  • A brand-new way of providing webcam services
  • Protection, reliability, and safety of data
  • Thousands of hot models
  • Supports English, Russian and Spanish
  • Ease of Booking
SkyPrivate has over 27,500 models registered on the site, and they range across different girls spread around the world. So you have a lot of options to pick from the highly experienced hot girls. The variety of professional models makes SkyPrivate a unique site to have some fun with a napkin in your hand. You won’t find clumsy amateurs; only those who know their onions and have a sense of sexuality to bring all your sexual desires on fire.

However, you’re required to own an account. It helps Skyprivate to ensure that they keep a customer’s class and provide premium service as they desire. But first, let’s look at how to register on SkyPrivate.


Signing up on SkyPrivate is free. However, you’ll be required to load funds into your account after signing up. This fund will serve as payment for when you have sessions with sexy models on SkyPrivate. You can sign up with your Skype ID, but it is recommended to use a dedicated Skype ID and email address specially created for this purpose. You’ll fill in a username, password, and email address in the registration form, and you’ll have to confirm your account setup on the provided email address. SkyPrivate assures that they don’t spam, but you may receive emails regarding improvements and adjustments to their service.

After registration, SkyPrivate is easy to use. The interface is straightforward, and you can easily find the tabs for payments, dashboard, history, messages, etc., on the left bar.

You have a free account immediately after sign-up is complete. You can see the gallery of various models for free and explore their profile on the free account, but no other features work until you deposit money into your account. When you deposit money into your SkyPrivate account, you automatically have a premium account. However, the minimal replenishment is $10, and you cannot see a performance until you have up to $25 in your account.

Booking Your Private Shows​

Getting into the main deal of using SkyPrivate, booking your private session with a hot model is pretty easy, but some things precede that. The first is exploring profiles; you can view all the necessary information about a model before you book a session with her. SkyPrivate is designed such that you cannot be scammed. Payment is processed per minute, and you’ll need to have a funded account before booking a session.

Explore the available options and start a one-on-one conversation with your desired model. Ensure that your Skype is on and that you have enough funds in your account, as models can reject you if they see that the amount of money isn’t sufficient. You then can have the session right away or find another convenient schedule that suits her and book your private show. Just you and her, looking over at each other from the camera in a rather tense situation.


To mention a few extras that come with your private sessions:

The Store

The store is more like a place to buy a more classified video from the model you like the most. This is referred to as somewhat of a porn movie feature. It allows you to have a model of your favorite model and watch it at your convenience. This extra feature is available to members, and once you have the video from the model you like, the content is available for your personal use forever.


SkyPrivate allows you to tip a model for a job well done. It could be a way to encourage or appreciate, exactly like a perfect scenario in real life. The models make a living out of the show but, more importantly, out of the tips you give them. So SkyPrivate allows a window of 30 minutes for you to leave a tip even after the show has ended.


Models on SkyPrivate have ratings, and you can leave one yourself after your private sessions. You have a rating of 5 stars at most to express satisfaction and lower stars to express under-satisfaction.


SkyPrivate is a secure website that protects your personal information, privacy, and card details. The company’s name is hidden from your account statement as an extra privacy measure, and your account cannot be accessed by anyone else.

SkyPrivate is also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS. The live cams work on all devices, but your laptop is the best for a more private and personalized experience.


The pricing on SkyPrivate is different across various models, but they usually range between $1 to $12 per minute, excluding the tips if you feel encouraged to do so. All payments are processed through the dedicated Skype account provided, and several other payment options are also accepted.

Pros & Cons​

SkyPrice is a premium place to have fun and interact with girls with that next-door-girl feeling. Regardless of the lack of Latin girls or the fees, it’s a safe and secure place to bring all your nasty thoughts to life. There are thousands of models to pick from, payment is easy, and there are no scams.

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Visit SkyPrivate’s official website and check for the create account icon on the top right of the page. Fill in the required information and confirm your account setup.

There are no special bonuses for new users. However, new users are allowed to explore the pages of models on SkyPrivate for free and will be required to fund their accounts to go beyond that.

SkyPrivate has a high number of models registered on the platform. Currently, they are over 30,000 active models on SkyPrivate.

Shows typically cost around $1 – $12 per minute. It depends on the model and usually the rating.

SkyPrivate is a safe place to bring all your sexual naughtiness to life. The models are ready to do anything to satisfy your desire.